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Display name Sam RedSam Bredeson #52 
Home Illinois, United States 
Badges Administrator
Social media Discord handle RedSam#8014
Twitter handle @RedSamNotBlue

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Dates May 25, 2022 – May 29, 2023

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Trophy case

Avengers Initiate
10 or more games with Avengers
Earned on 2021-12-31
Web Warriors Initiate
10 or more games with Web Warriors
Earned on 2021-09-26

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Alex Botts #19 
Pat Van Value #21 
Keith Trenchcoat Golimowski #63 
Joe Yates #114
Zachary Poulos #2631

This player is a member of the following communities:

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 Juicy Al's Juicy Pals Member
 Longshanks  Member

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